About Common Ground Co-operative

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Since 2000, Common Ground Co-operative (CGC) has been creating social enterprise opportunities for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities. As an award winning, non-profit co-operative service organization we continue to promote the inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities in empowered workplace environments.

Our organization provides administrative, operational services and educational training that give adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to earn an income while working co-operatively within their own community. We also provide a Skills and Job Training Program for individuals who are interested in gaining the skills, knowledge and experience needed to be employed.

More than 5o client-partners earn a percentage income running five social enterprises business in Toronto. Each is a non-share capital partnership is a legal entity that is supported by CGC and community partnerships.  The day-to-day operations of the partnerships are made possible with the support of Job Coaches who provide an effective learning environment by working alongside the partners, allowing them to develop and utilize their personal and professional skills and strengthen the development of the businesses.

CGC supports these small businesses with the support of community members and volunteers and, through fund-raising, consulting, networking and service agreements.

Explore our website to find out how you can support us by contributing to our organization or to find out how you can do business with one of the Social Enterprises that we support.

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