Foundations Program

Foundations Program (Skills Training & Work Prep)


CGC provides vocational education and life skills training and instruction through the Foundation Program. In this program, individuals are taught the skills needed to successfully enter the world of work. Participants are educated through structured in-class sessions that cover topics such as communications, conflict resolution, math and money, cash-register skills training combined with work site training at one of our five social enterprise partnerships where we encourage peer mentoring with the assistance of a job coach. At the end of the program, participants are given a solid assessment of their skills and a resume that includes transferrable and current work skills.

Program runs annually from September to June.


  • A skills training and job program for individuals 18-30 years of age with developmental disabilities who are interested in gaining skills, knowledge and experience that may lead them to employment
  • A program that consists of in-class workshops and hands-on training in a social enterprise that is supported by a job coach.


  • 18+ with developmental disability
  • Lives within the Toronto region
  • Able to travel independently, ready to be trained for employment, and works well in a group environment
  • TTC oriented and/or can take the TTC independently
  • This is an intensive course that requires concentration, commitment and interest


Individuals who are interested in applying to the Foundations Program and are new to Adult Developmental Service Ontario (DSO) please call 1-855-DS-ADULT (1-855-372-3858)

Pour plus d’informations sur les services en fran├žais contacter Services de l’Ontario pour les personnes ayant une deficience intellectuelle, 1-855-372-3858
For information about services in French, please contact 1-855-372-3858

Contact Information:
Training Coordinator
(416) 421-7117 ext. 203