social enterprise opportunities for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

Partner Profiles

There are 53 adults with developmental disabilities who are partners.

One of them is Latha M. who has been working at The Coffee Shed for seven years. She enjoys setting up The Coffee Shed before every shift, making freshly brewed coffee, helping customers and most of all working with the cash register.

Latha says she loves running her own business because she is able to work independently and because she “likes making money!”

Latha has learned new life skills and has enhanced her existing work skills to contribute to a positive work environment which she feels is very important. Working with great dedication, genuine respect for her co-workers and customers, Letha always makes sure she passes on what she learns to her new business partners. While she enjoys the Shed, she says she also enjoys taking part in Common Ground Co-operative festive events and looks for new opportunities that a rise in educational courses. For example:, The Financial Literacy Program she recently completed. Even though Latha is 63 years old she laughs and says, “No way – I’m not retiring! I like working with my favourite people”
Tamanna has been working at The Coffee Shed for almost two years now and has won the P.O.M (Partner of the Month) award in December. She has excellent customer service skills, cash skills, and makes a tremendous effort in learning new skills to help other partners and to help improve Coffee Shed sales. Tamanna has been a great exception to the Coffee Shed team. When she isn’t busy at work she is usually watching Bollywood films, hanging out with her friends and playing on the computer.