In addition to our programs, our organization is proud to offer workshops that enhance the development of persons with developmental disabilities and those who provide support in the developmental services sector.




Solid Ground is an 11 module program offered to providers in the developmental services sector in a Train the Trainer format.

This intensive one day program will give you the tools needed to teach people with developmental disabilities how to budget, save and register for the Registered Disability Savings Plan. The package contains one day of in class instruction with a Solid Ground Facilitator who will show you how to teach the program to your clients. Your registration fee includes the Tool Kit and a Flash Drive that contains all the tools needed to teach the program.

Contact us directly to find out about our next session.

Sessions start February 2014, contact for dates and to register!

Visit our store to reserve your spot and to purchase the Tool Kit.


Our organizations mission is about bringing together people with varied backgrounds. Because our type of services and supports are innovative, our staff team have experience in many areas, including hospitality, art, film production and education.

Our workshops are delivered throughout the year, and are taught in an inclusive environment where each participant is encouraged to learn at their own pace.

The Self-Awareness Program

A two day workshop that covers topics such as, healthy social interactions, sexual awareness, understanding relationships, assertiveness, safe social networking and more.

Customer Service

One day of in-class instruction that gives participants an understanding of the importance of customer service. This program is useful for those who are currently working in the retail sector, or those who are interested in doing so.

Math and Money Skills

This workshop focuses on understanding the differences between coins, bills and how to do basic math. This program is useful for those who have enrolled in the Customer Service Workshop or for those who just want to improve their skills.

Contact our Program Coordinator Karen Curtis to find out about our next scheduled sessions and to register. Payment can be made by visiting the store located here.